TRIPPERS TIP: Finger Fidget with Retro Games at Super Potato

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By Benjamin Pratt | March 12, 2016

Super Potato Akihabara

The Super Potato building from the street view. The shop is on levels 3-5 so look out for the signage!

Situated right in the heart of Akihabara, Japan’s Electric Town and the gaming kingdom of the world, is my favourite and most recommended retro entertainment enclave: Super Potato. A three-story shrine to humble home hardware systems of the 20th century; a clear Japanese arcade-factory holding a treasure trove of stock recognizable from mainstream westernized entertainment, which is rare as hen’s teeth in Japan.

Every floor is a museum: from the 3rd to the 5th floor in the building, Super Potato is housing Gameboys, Gamecubes, Playstations, Sega Megadrives, Dreamcasts and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (known in Japan as the Super Famicon). Some are set up as displays, free for customers to finger fidget with, but the real magic happens on the 5th floor.

Super Potato Games

Just your regular end of an aisle Nintendo feature, amongst the plethora of other machines and merchandise they stock.

An entire floor dedicated to the traditional art of sit down arcade gaming. They got it all: Pac Man, Space Invaders, Bomber Man, Double Dragon, the list goes on. Candy at the front, comfortable stools and a cheap price for a hit of yesterday (¥100), it’s an essential visit for anyone who used to play computer games on a PC. Be prepared and come with a pocket of coins and an open couple of hours. Time flies when you’re deep in the game cave rummaging Gameboy games and playing tabletop Tekken.

Bomber Man Super Potato

Some machines from Super Potato’s top-floor sit-down ¥100 arcade. Check Bomber Man, an old school favourite of mine.

How to Find it

Start from the huge red Sega building near the exit of the subway. Head north to the next intersection and turn left, then take the next left and keep walking. Super Potato is on your left in a couple of minutes. It’s a dark building with retro pixelated portraits of Pac Man and Mario on the window, and a yellow sign underneath it with multi-coloured katakana characters and a potato on it. It’s the 3rd – 5th floors remember, so it’ll be hard to spot from corridor entries on street level.

So cancel your dinner plans, bring excess coins and pick up some snacks – there’s no telling how long you’ll be tuned in on this trip.

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