A MANIFESTO: Just What the Hell is This All About, Man!

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By Benjamin Pratt | January 1, 2016

Manifesto: A 'Shaka' caught in action along the Mekong River, Vietnam

Hang loose and read our manifesto, dude. We come in Shakka.

A Manifesto, Of Sorts

There are thousands of travel blogs on the Internet, possibly millions. I can’t confirm that of course, ‘cause even as seriously as I take myself as a journalist, I don’t want to spend my time wasting hours of this illusionary existence scouring the depths of the interweb, counting all the travel blogs, trying to find the one that just speaks to me.

Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this and you’re not my mother then you could be here by accident and maybe you’re lost. On the other hand, you could know exactly where you are, how you got here and want to stay as long as possible can, ‘cause you finally found the one. Either way, welcome – you wanna take a trip, man?

We want to resurrect a freedom in communication and creativity that tourist-board-funded-guidebook-gospels lost a long time ago: the freedom to say whatever we want, about whatever we want, however we want to say it, showcasing a transparent and engaging digital project – a hybrid newspaper/blog/magazine reflective of it’s creators: minimalist in style, but funky and fresh in substance. 


The Internet is great (I mean, porn, c’mon) but it also means an oversaturation of opinion, citizen journalism, lazy writing and ulterior motives. While, at times, we also fall victim to those perils of long exhausting bouts of creativity, we are fuelled by imagination and are ravenous in our search for a style of travel writing; one defined by its emotions, humour, innovation, intelligence and subjective veracity.

Tripping with Ben is here to entertain and amuse while informing and documenting; it’s profanely poetic and wildly honest, varying in degrees of instinct, volume and erraticism. But hey, that’s why you’re still reading, right?

We feature longform, shortform, narrative journalism, creative non-fiction, straight journalism, bent journalism, beatnik drivel, gonzo travel stories, short stories and ferociously honest destination reviews. We’re a creative newspaper of sorts, fusing good ol’ story telling with multiple writing and narrative styles, supported by deliciously trippy bite-sized content; stuffing your pockets full of Trippers Tips, telling tales of the road and doing our best to tell you if any of it is worth it.

A homemade 'Not For Sale' sign for a private rice field and residence amongst a plethora of surrounding tourist villas in the hills of Ubud, Bali.

A homemade ‘Not For Sale’ sign amongst the tourist-haven villa resorts of the rice fields in Ubud, Bali


Both being experienced trippers and longtime writers, we packed-up and pissed-off, trusting our wild and unrestrained passion for travel and the limitless possibilities the world could offer and embarked on one hell of a trip to travel the world like roaming beatniks with no money and all our possessions on our back. Instead of busting our arse writing cookie-cutter-content on some digital platform we took a punt on our own ability and creative integrity.

We’ve had enough experience to know how to play the digital-age-media-game, and we wanna play ball, if you’re the right player. We’re happy to write about your hotel, your product, your tour, your airline or you’re entire town. Heck, man, we’ll right about an entire country if you ask us to. Though every thing we write is ours to write. Our voice, subjectivity and creative expression will not be compromised by a corporate influence. Consumers – more importantly, readers – deserve respect, honesty, transparency and genuine writing.


While we’ll be the first to tell you how good we think we can be, we’ll probably never produce some travel masterpiece that’ll top The New York Times Bestseller List, but so what? It’s slick; it’s raw; it’s trippy; and it’s like Lester Bangs said:

“I feel I have a Sound aborning, which is my own, and that Sound, even if erratic, is still my greatest pride, because I would rather write like a dancer shaking my ass to the electric boogaloo inside my head, and perhaps reach only readers who like to shake their arses, than to be or write for the man cloistered in a closet somewhere reading Aeschylus while this stupefying world careens crazily past his waxy windows toward its last raving sooty feedback pirouette.”

So, without anything more to add, welcome to Tripping with Ben. Take a look ‘round and expand your mind, dear reader.

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