TRIPPERS TIP: Drink ‘Til You Sink in Kirin Beer City

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By Benjamin Pratt | May 15, 2016

Kirin Beer City and Food Bar, Japan

Kirin Beer City will typically have black and red branding, often with menus and hosts outside. Photo via

Hey man, before you get your hopes up on this one lemme first say Japan ain’t exactly the craft beer capital of the world. There ain’t much choice outside of Asahi, Suntory, Sapporo or Kirin. And they’re all good. But Kirin is the best.

I don’t think it’s a bold acclamation to make: Kirin is the cream of the crop in Japan, and the best part is there are entire establishments dedicated to exclusively consuming the stuff all over Japan – Kirin City.

It’s delicious, crisp and dry with a subtle aroma and sparkling gold consistency: as if God himself (/herself) brewed his urine in celestial vats woven of only the strongest blonde angel hair. Now that’s one decadent beer, my friend.

Unlike Western beer halls/beer gardens, these places are more like glorified bars with three or four times the space of your average dive-hole. They climb up instead of out, every level a different vibe: the intimate lounge setting, cigarette-smoking table-service type ambience, to the boisterous beer hall conversations over wooden tables and echoing sounds of drunken strangers; each atmosphere endlessly frothing heads from the entire Kirin range.

It’s a little exxy for the super-shoestring backpacker. But if you do as backpackers do, head there at Happy Hour and guzzle golden glasses of Kirin at ¥380 a glass, man! A small price to pay for a glass of God’s urine.

Kirin City also hook you up with a dope menu of beer-induced munchies, too. It’s not all about the beer. For ¥800 treat yourself to Western cuisines like a tomato and mozzarella salad, dried meat plate; or, if you got some extra coin in your pocket, chomp down on a German sausage and mustard banquet.

Kirin Beer City and Food Menu, Japan

I don’t know if you can read or understand any of that, but it says delicious. Photo via

Always a cheerful vibe, these are the closest you’ll get when you’re missing the open and rowdy pub atmosphere of Australia; a place for afternoon hangouts or late night party pit stops. There’s multiple locations in most major cities, so if you’re a little hungry, craving a beer and want some space to sit down and enjoy it, I hope you find yourself a Kirin City and spoil yourself to some fresh, frothy brew straight from God’s celestial tap.

Love your beer “gardens”? For some extra Japanese variation on your old western watering hole here’s a whole bunch more for your responsible consumption. Otherwise, try checking out Taito Arcade or Bee Darts Bar after a few frothy ones – guaranteed to be more fun (/dangerous).

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