TRIPPERS TIP: Bee Darts Bar is Bullseye Good

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By Benjamin Pratt | May 10, 2016

Bullseye Bee Darts Bar

Bee Darts Bar: featuring frothy beers, tasty grub and electric darts. Bullseye, baby!

Japan has so much choice for entertainment (/distraction) searching for that ultimate kick could end up a hit-and-miss experiment. We found some hip, happening places, but, boy howdy did we find some shitholes. Overall we navigated the deep rabbit-warren of Japanese nightlife without too many nights sitting at bars quietly watching soccer (/football) or playing on the worst pool-table (felt top ripped, table dented, cue ball bouncing every-which-way) at an equally bad club (I can personally assure you Milwaukee Bar in Roppongi is not the needle in the haystack you’re looking for).

But Bee Darts Bar – man, this place is the bee’s knees. For real.

These majestic dim-lit ambient enclaves serve frothy brews, strong spirits and a smorgasbord of munchies and machines. The pay-as-you-play digital dart games will set you back anywhere from ¥100 to ¥400, depending on the type of game you wanna play. There are heaps of choices if you’re out with a partner or in a group, and plenty of one-player options if you’ve wandered in off the streets to down a beer and shoot some humble darts by yourself. From our experiences, people are generally friendly and will mime their way into a game like 301 darts, 501 darts or cricket (or Mickey Mouse, for y’all British readers) with you. Either way, these machines make it easy to keep score and learn new games when all you wanna think about is drinking, eating and throwing sharp objects at a wall as fast as you can.

You can’t miss these places, man. There is almost always someone on street level in front a Bee’s sign and dressed in a dapper waistcoat, guiding you up an elevator and introducing you to a host who will happily hook you up with a beer, a game of darts and a Pop-Up Pirate board game (or a selection from their array of free board games) for your table.

But Watch Out! Danger! Like most clubs, after a certain time they whack a cover charge on the door (¥500 – ¥600), so I suggest going early for second round pre-drinks and epic dart battles against random Japanese people before embarking again on an all-night party pursuit.

Even when entry is free, it’s expected you buy a drink, or two, which when compared to anything other than the ubiquitous beacon of a convenience store is pretty standard. Expect an average ballpark figure to be around ¥700 for a drink, and likewise for a bowl of karaage or plate of dried meat and cheese.

So, while I wouldn’t suggest hunkering down in a Bee’s all night (check out Kirin Beer City), it was always a reliable pit stop on our party pursuits, whether we were pumping the fun early, or conceded nightlife defeat and indulged a nightcap of darts and dirty deep-fried karaage on the way home.

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