Who Are We?

You’ve heard our story time and time again: best friends fed up with the lack of opportunity in the Arts and too downright dangerous with words for any corporate-funded-machine to give us a gig. So, after two decades of travelling experience between us, and both being experienced trippers, we packed-up and pissed-off, trusting our wild and unrestrained passion for travel and the limitless possibilities the world could offer and embarked on one hell of a trip to travel the world like roaming beatniks with no money and all our possessions on our back. And well, here we are.

Benjamin Pratt

benaboutHello, my name is Ben. I’m a psychedelic scumbag and punk kid who lives and writes with the same enigmatic energy as an Electric Kool-Aid acid tab. A business school drop-out with a journalism degree and background in touring bands and running my own music magazine, I’m fusing a unique and authentic style of writing inspired by spontaneous travel, rock and roll, dirty fiction and first-person beatnik journalism. I like thick pancakes, great beer, better scotch and stimulating conversation. The road is life, baby! Visit my website or read about my story here.

Claire D’Hooghe

claireaboutHey, I’m Claire and I’m all about going with the flow, however slow that might be, and immersing myself in the scenery of life. I come from a background of creative and corporate content development and copy writing. Holding a BA and a Post Grad in Journalism, my understanding of media and corporate life has motivated me to travel the world and hear for myself people’s stories and theories about life and what it is. Being stuck in an office isn’t any fun, I want to share the poetry I see on Planet Earth, and be a gentle guide to getting around it. Find out exactly how I got here.

Where Our Adventures Have Taken Us