Welcome to Tripping with Ben: a writing and travel based project telling tales of beatnik adventure with Ben and Claire, a couple of journalists who turned on, tuned in and dropped out. Life is more than desk jobs, marriage, mortgages, rounds of golf and an early retirement – it’s a real trip, man. So turn off your mind, relax and float downstream while you see the world through our psychedelic brand and slick style of creative journalism.

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The Manifesto

We aren’t like Lonely Planet or any other nomadic-titled, list-written blog out there. We’re imaginative writers who demand a style of journalism defined by its emotions, humour, innovation, intelligence and subjective veracity. We’re profanely poetic and wildly honest; entertaining and amusing while observing and informing; always varying in degrees of instinct, volume and erraticism. But that’s why you’re still reading, right?

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The Preface

While we’ll be the first to tell you how good we can be, we’ll probably never produce some travel masterpiece that’ll top The New York Times Bestseller List, but so what? We still feature long form, short form, gonzo narratives, creative non-fiction, straight journalism, bent journalism, beatnik drivel, short travel stories and ferociously honest destination reviews. Sounds cool, huh? But how’d we get here? Read the preface, duh.

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The Narrative Experiment

Tripping ain't about money or acid tabs, man. It’s about opening your mind to any possibility; letting go of what could happen and being completely absorbed in what is happening. It’s a hands-on experiment in truth, fiction and time travel. It’s an exploration of perception: a kaleidoscopic view of culture and where we fit in it. It’s our cornerstone content and you can bet it gets a little rough sometimes. So take a trip; follow our story.

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